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Dorothy Moore quoted, “When it comes to speaking of future, there are three kinds of people. They are those who let it happen, these who make it happen, those who wonder what happen. “ And, the teachers are among those who make it happen. The teachers have always played a significant role in shaping the destiny of a nation. The professional preparation of teacher has been recognized to be crucial for the qualitative improvement of education. Over the last two decades in India, the issue of curriculum renewal and extended duration of secondary teacher education has received serious attention. The National Council for Teacher Education prepared the curriculum framework for the teacher education in 1998 and for the first time made the recommendation for beginning of two years B.Ed. programme to prepare quality  teachers, from the academic session 2015 NCTE  has introduced two years B.Ed. course all over the country. With this secondary teacher education has entered in a new phase of development.

College of Education, Nagaon was established in 1992 with the sincere and honest efforts of some educationists of Nagaon town with the objective of providing training to untrained teachers and fresh graduates. Since its inception, the college has been trying to provide quality education to the trainees through a dedicated team of faculty members with good standard of teaching under the guidance of an efficient governing body. The college has built up adequate infra-structure to meet the requirements of the trainees. Now we feel proud to announce the opening of M.Ed. course from this session.

I,on behalf of the entire college family welcome all the new entrants to this institution. Hope  you will come as an empowered teacher from this college and able to contribute a lot to the welfare of the society, as well as of the nation.

Dr. Manoshikha Baruah

M.A.M.Ed, Ph.D


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