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This college, which is now recognized as one of the first grade training college of the state, has been imparting teacher education effectively since its inception. It has an adequate number of competent and dedicated teacher educators in the teaching staff, a big library with all necessary Text- books and reference books, an attractive building with a big hall for general classes and rooms for method classes, multipurpose laboratory, and computer, Library reading, indoor games etc. Facilities for outdoor games, cultural activities and computer education are also available.

It is for the good results shown every year since its inception in addition to the facilities mentioned above that the college attracts students from different part of the country and every year the number of applicants exceeds the number of candidates that the college can admit as per NCTE rule

Following are some of the candidates of the college who secured first class in B.Ed Final examination in different years;

Session 2013-2014 1st Class Candidates Details Click Here

Session 2014-2015 1st Class Candidates Details Click Here


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